Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Checking in

My apologies to those of you who wait with baited breath for each and every one of my prolific posts--I have kept you waiting long enough. Gosh, this week was a blur. We hosted a BBQ at our house last Tuesday for about 30 volunteers from church, Wednesday was Court Club ride night, Thursday was who knows what.

Friday and Saturday we hosted one of Lana's good friends from out of town. It was nice to be able to have friends over and enjoy good food, wine, and time together. I know Lana especially enjoys the opportunity to connect with friends who live at a distance or who no longer work in her same organization.

Sunday's breeziness kept me inside and suffering from these freakish seasonal allergies, but Monday was much calmer and lazier. We went for an afternoon ride with some good friends and sat out on the patio afterward enjoying more good food and conversation.

Tonight I fixed spaghetti for Scott and Nicole, our new staff pastor and his wife (and their daughter). It was nice to just sit around and talk, get to know one another, and not be looking at the clock for the next appointment.

I'm not really a very social person--or I should say, I don't feel very comfortable being social. Always feels very cliche and perfunctory. I'm not really sure I do relationships and friendships that well. But that's my fault, because this week I was reminded that so much of what's good about life out here aren't the accomplishments or programs or meetings and schedules that clutter most days. It's people, and dedicated time together for the sole purpose of enjoying each other's company, building relationships, and growing as people without pressure or pretense.

Thank God for summer.

And no, I'm still not ready to weigh in on Floyd Landis and any other alleged "dopes" coming out over the past weeks.

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